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The fundamental issue with Entitlements such as Social Security, whether they are earned benefits, welfare programs, or a hybrid of the two, is the narrative they impose on our public discourse. Transformation is the only solution when it comes to entitlement programs. To do this, we must begin by acknowledging that there is no free lunch. Someone has to pay the bill. To be sure, America has always been a compassionate society. With that in mind, we can all pay collectively to assist the weakest among us. Or, we can continue to give benefits to everyone, needy or not—all at the expense of our children's future. The choice is as simple as that.

An entitlement must be viewed as a means to assist people who are too poor to pay for necessities and basic healthcare. For this reason, an entitlement must no longer be viewed as an inalienable right for people who already have sufficient income. Together, we can lay out a common sense plan that will enable us to provide care and compassion for those who truly need it.

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